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BioWare Suspends Users in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the /getdown Exploit and Looting Ilum

Recently, an exploit in Star Wars: The Old Republic developed by BioWare was revealed by a forum user who discovered that triggering the /getdown in game emote (causing a character to dance) would also cause enemies to fail to damage them. Upon creating a video of this effect[1], the poster alleges that their post had been taken down by BioWare quoting policy that they don’t allow the publishing of exploits on their forums. Later, another user alleges that BioWare banned them from the game for looting security chest spawns on the high-level PvP world of Ilum.

While no players have faced banning or suspension for using the /getdown explot—and as of this publication it’s been fixed by BioWare as of 2012 Jan 5—this facet of gaming and the reaction of the community merits some study. The presence of exploits and bugs in MMO games is well known and well documented and as with any large amounts of computer code, such exploits will always arise. The reaction of the developer and the community to them, however, may become a point of contention. After having their video taken off the SW:TOR forums, the video rapidly spread onto blogs such as Rock, Paper, Shotgun and users became aware of it anyway.

The bug has been patched and there are no reports of anyone being banned or suspended due to using /getdown to prevent a boss from targeting them. It would have essentially rendered the target invulnerable to attack during the dance animation. It does so by repeatedly interrupting the cast of the enemy by de-targeting them.

An enterprising user attempted to gain notoriety by claiming that they had been banned by BioWare staff over exploiting the /getdown bug and posted the notice of their suspension to Reddit[2]; but this has been met with broad skepticism and appears to be an outright fake. To date, BioWare has gone on record saying that they have not banned or suspended anyone for using the /getdown exploit.

In another set of stories, a user has alleged that BioWare banned him for looting high level items from security chests on the open PvP world of Ilum in game. To this, BioWare has mentioned while they have not put out any actual bans they have in fact suspended users for this behavior[3]—although they have handed out permanent bans to those people directly destabilizing the in-game economy by gold farming (a non-controversial violation of the Terms of Service of many games.)

According to an article in Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Stephen Reid, Senior Online Community Manager, laid out a message in the forums[4] that BioWare takes permanent bans and suspensions very seriously:

“It’s important to remember that our Terms of Service team is extremely careful and thorough in their investigation of any potential exploit or unusual activity in-game. Working closely with the development team and using extensive metrics based on player activity, they are able to determine what is normal player activity, what is unusual and what is exploiting. Our goal is always to ensure a fair game experience for all players while also protecting the rights of individuals, and if people are disrupting the play experience for others action will be taken.”

He stresses in the post that the customer services team banned only those people engaged in credit farming (aka gold farming) and “also warned and temporarily suspended - but did not ban - a smaller number of accounts for activities on Ilum that were decided to be game exploits.”

Due that many MMOs have thriving economies based on in-game currencies often it is incumbent on the customer service to take action when game exploits are being used to destabilize those economies. While in extreme circumstances this takes the effect of outright and permanent bans; people who have merely been exploiting the boxes on Ilum as previously reported have not been banned for doing so. They were only temporarily suspended as a warning.

The MMO gaming community has taken this action by BioWare so far with a grain of salt. There is a huge tradition in MMO gaming culture to take to the thrill of getting to places obviously not intended by the developers. Being able to go to a high level planet at a low level and looting high level gear sounds like the sort of adventure that players might get themselves up to (even if it violates the apparent Terms of Service.)

However, it seems that BioWare is not responding to the adventurous, nor are they responding to the curious; they’re taking action against those who systematically exploit these holes in the game in order to farm credits. A far less defensible position to be in and the gaming community by and large appears to consider this action.

It is speculated that BioWare will bring an end to this controversy in a later patch by locking loot boxes on Ilum according to level. As a result, low level characters will be unable to access the contents of the boxes and therefore won’t have reason to jump there in order to pilfer the contents., “/getdown”, “BioWare banning The Old Republic players for exploiting /getdown dancing glitch that interrupts enemy boss attacks”, “Recent actions against some customer accounts”, “SWTOR Ilum Bans Were Real, Nuanced”