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Aphrodite Laments as DCUO Valentine’s Day Event Cancelled

Last year, DC Universe Online published by Sony Online Entertainment, joined an array of other MMORPGs in celebrating Valentine’s Day during the weeks surrounding February 14th. However, due to a great outcry by the customers of the game, they decided to remake the entire event. Unfortunately, the remake would not make it into the development cycle—or the game—in time for 2012 and as a result, the entire event was left out.

The previous event was plagued with frustration, although all the accolades were certainly available and it seems as if skipping it has left a bit of a hole in the expectations.

DC Universe Online successfully ran a very nice Christmas event, which MMO Anthropology attempted to cover, but missed out due to a deletion snafu.

The previous Valentine’s Day event pitting heroes against villians in a race to aid either Aphrodite (via Wonder Woman) versus Circe. As expected, these two Greek-themed superpowered characters pitted against one another in heart and love-themed events, although little to no Greek influence could be seen in them, mostly just a homage to the Western Hallmark holiday.

One of the events had players snagging and dragging non-player characters (NPCs) away from corrupting influences and then washing their cares away. The hero version had them finding romantic bliss and the Lillian version had them scorned. This created the “hearts of devotion” or “heats of scorn.” Each time a player ran one of these quests, divided for Aphrodite or Circle, they could gain a currency to buy Valentine’s Day themed items.

One of the quests, deemed possibly the most frustrating, involved a jumping puzzle where players had to leap through the air from platforms that would send them into the sky to collect hearts of devotion or scorn (depending on their affiliation.) To do so, they teleported through a fountain into Aphrodite’s realm and were transformed into a cherub or an imp.

Without running the Valentine’s Day event this year for February 14th, players will have to wait until next year (and the new event) in order to gain the accolades and prizes available in the previous year.